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Research Cell

Research and teaching go hand in hand. Research plays a vital role in creating an environment in which optimum teaching and learning processes occur. Conducting good research requires first retraining your brain to think like a researcher. This requires visualizing the abstract from actual observations, mentally “connecting the dots” to identify hidden concepts and patterns, and synthesizing those patterns into generalizable laws and theories that apply to other contexts beyond the domain of the initial observations. To support the Institution’s research activities, the Research cell has been constituted in S. S. S. Samiti’s Mahaveer P. Mirji College of Commerce.

The main objectives of Research cell are follows

  1. To create and motivate among the faculty members to involve in various research activities
  2. To encourage the faculty and students to participate, present and publish research papers in various journals, seminars and conferences.
  3. To ensure a sustainable research environment and culture
  4. To organize conferences, workshops, symposiums, seminars etc. on research methodology
  5. To support institution in improving teaching learning environment with the help of various research activities