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Department of Commerce Faculty Name Year of Publication Links
Changing Approach of Banking Industries Mr.Ravi. S. Dandagi 2021
Research Methodology Mr.Ravi. S. Dandagi 2020
Carona-19 Challenges and Solutions Mr.Ravi. S. Dandagi 2020
Trustworhiness and Emerging Trends in Market and Morals Mr.Ravi. S. Dandagi 2020
Avishkar Mr.Ravi. S. Dandagi 2019
Carona-19 Challenges and Solutions Mr.Mahesh B Pujari 2020
Avishkar Mr.Mahesh B Pujari 2019
Sukruti Mrs. Rekha S Kalaburgi 2018
Department of Library Faculty Name Year Links
Marching Libraries from Traditional to Hybrid: Connecting, Communicating and Cooperating (ICMLTH-2021) Dr. Bharat B Alasandi 2021
Multi Disciplinary Research and New Trends Dr. Bharat B Alasandi 2019
Libraries in the sharing economy Dr. Bharat B Alasandi 2018
School Libraries in Digital Age COSCOLIDIA Dr. Bharat B Alasandi 2016
Department of Economics Faculty Name Year Links
Human Capital Formation And Economic Development Dr. Supriya. S. Belavi 2021