1. The Principal shall be the president.

2. The general management of the Gymkhana and the conduct of its several department shall be carried on under the guidance and control of the Gymkhana Committee.

3. The Gymkhana Committee shall consist of..

a) The President

b) Professor in charge of each department.

c) General Secretary nominated from amongst students of B.Com III only.

d) Secretaries of the following departments elected from amongst students.

  • Sports Department
  • Debating Union
  • Planning Forum
  • Arts Circle
  • Execution
  • Reading Room
  • College Miscellany
  • Ladies Union (Nominated from amongst lady students of B.Com. III only)

4. The Joint Secretaries (from amongst the ladies) for all the above departments, except the last one elected by the ladies.

5. The Gymkhana Committees shall frame the budget of the Gymkhana within the sum allotted by the President for the year.

6. From the time of the opening of the college till the sanction of the budget President has powers to spend money for the conduct of the department. The amount so spent shall be included in the budget.

7. All purchases of materials needed for the Gymkhana shall be made by the President alone, on a written requisition made by the Chairman of each department.

8. No Secretary shall have power to make purchases for the Gymkhana except with written permission of the President.

9. Every Secretary shall have organise and direct the department subject of the bye-laws issued to him.

10. A Vacancy in the Gymkhana Committee shall be filled in by the President.

11. If a secretary remains absent from the College for more than fortnight without the permission of the President he shall cease to be the secretary of the Department.

12. The President of the Gymkhana shall have powers of Vetoing the decisions of the managing committee and of certifying the passage of a smertain measures which in his opinion are in the interest of the Gymkhana.

13. No member shall invite guests in any department without permission of the president.

14. No secretary shall make purchase on credit. The gymkhana shall not be responsible for any liability incurred in this manner.

15. The duty of the Secretary of the Sports department shall be the general management of the Department such as the care of the budget account and of materials, arranging of fixtures and general supervision of the practice ground.


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